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Wroclaw, Poland

Grampa's hostel was started by an avid traveler and backpacker. What makes us different from other hostels is that we are a family run business and that we will give you a more personalized stay.

Everyone who works at Grampa's are experienced travellers and backpackers who know a lot about Wroclaw and are passionate about their city and -what's more- they want to help you explore Wrocław the best way possible.

Because we've been in your shoes, we understand what you look for in a hostel. We give you comfort and quality for the lowest price we possibly can. A big fully equipped kitchen and common room, comfortable beds, safety, a staff that is helpful and actually cares about you, and an atmosphere that is unrivaled. We know that a lot of hostels out there are basically well... basic. We offer more than just a bed!

Our goal at Grampa's is to create a great place for you to hang out, meet people or just relax after a long day. We try to balance a party atmosphere with comfort and good nights sleep. Ultimately, we want you to fall in love with Wroclaw and to feel at home here. We want you to never want to leave or at least to miss us when you're gone :)

Wrocław is a hidden gem in the center of Europe definitely worth seeing. The most charming city in Poland, boasting one of the biggest market squares in Europe, has been named by some blogs and websites one of the most colorful and vibrant in the World. Wrocław has also been nicknamed "The Venice of Poland" for its 20 rivers and 120 bridges.

Wroclaw is a city that is an up-and-coming hotspot in Europe. A lot of money from the city and businesses has been put into beautifying the city and promoting its many cultural events. Wroclaw is opening its doors to the world. The city just recently built an airport that is hosting many cheap budget flights. Wroclaw is not only a tourist friendly but a friendly city for foreigners.

With a local population of +100,000 university students (more than 15% of the population), and the many unique bars, clubs and cafes in the city center, has given Wroclaw a great atmosphere and made the city a place that is great for the arts and culture.

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