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Splendid Sao Sebastiao beaches

Breathtaking Scenery

The scenery is breathtaking. The crystal clear waters, the white sands and the lush vegetation, create one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of Brazil, and possibly the world. There are over30 beaches spread between the South and the North Coast of Sao Sebastiao. Attractions include sights and activities for all ages.

When heading to the beach, make sure to remember the weather in Sao Sebastiao is an Atlantic tropical, with average temperatures between 65F – 80F (in Celsius – 18 / 26). This means the sun is strongest between 10 am – 3 pm. Please be sure to reapply sunscreen often and drink plenty ofliquids. Sunglasses and a hat/cap are strongly recommended.

Frequented by residents of the central region, Arrastao has excellent infrastructure, with several restaurants, a shopping mall, 24h banking and a movie theater.

A paradise created with grayish hard sand and a clam sea. Barequecaba is ideal for families or for people who likes to cycle, paraglide, kite surfing, among other sports.

Guaeca is a great beach for surfing.You may also see paragliders taking off from the surrounding hills.

A small beach with crystal clear waters that provide a subtle serenity to your vacation.

Known internationally for surfing, with one of the best infrastructures of the Sao Paulo coast, Maresias has become one of the top areas for tourism in the country.

A trendy beach that attracts families in search of leisure. There are several options for lodging, restaurants, shopping and local crafts.

Trails and waterfalls
With 30 000 hectares of Atlantic forest, the diversity of attractions of Sao Sebastião go far beyond the sun and beach. Visitors can bath in the waterfalls, go hiking in trails, take boat tours to the nearby islands and dive in crystal clear waters. A visit to Sao Sebastiao will leave you in touch with nature.For those who like to walk trails along the coast, there are trails suitable for all experiences and ages.

Archeological Site
The Archaeological Site is located at 260m above sea level with a magnificent view over the district of Sao Francisco and the Sao Sebastiao channel. Established in the end of the century

XVIII the Sao Francisco Site comprises a large architectural complex related to a rich farm slave, and the ruins are spread over an area of about 1 million square meters.

Praia Brava – Guaeca
The access trail to this beach is through the south corner of Guaeca Beach. On the way there, you will find a waterfall. This is an easy access trail that takes about 30 minutes each way.

Nautical tours
Beaches and idyllic islands allow a direct contact with marine life in the region. There is many ways you can explore: canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle, jet skis, boats or yachts. Explore thoroughly and you may be surprised by schools of manta rays, dolphins and even whales that roam the coast of Sao Sebastiao. Toque-Toque Grande and Toque-Toque Pequeno Island (Big Toque-Toque and Small Toque-Toque Islands) From north to south, the Ilha de Toque Toque Grande, is the first island after Ilhabela, and is located on the beachfront of the same name. There are neither beaches nor people there, but the chain is renowned for world-class diving. The Ilha de Toque-Toque Pequeno, to the south, is smaller. Also uninhabited, resembles a turtle when viewed from the beach of Santiago.

As Ilhas (The Islands)
As Ilhas are located about a mile away from Barra do Sahy Beach , Juquehy and Barra do Una Beach. There are two beaches of fine white sand and waters. The beaches are excellent for sunbathing, swimming and diving.

Shopping and Handcraft
Along the whole coast and downtown, São Sebastião offers several options for shopping. There are over 200 shops from boutiques, supermarkets and specialized shops. In addition, you can take home a bit of the Caiçara culture throughout useful and beautiful handcraft and decorative pieces. More than 80 artisans exhibit their work at kiosks located in the Rua da Praia in downtown of São Sebastião. You can also find the work of artisans on weekends in Juquehy, Cambury and Maresias Beach. During Christmas and Carnival, the expositions run daily.

For people who like to party, São Sebastião offers a very lively nightlife, especially on the beaches of Maresias (Sirena Club, Morocco and Parador), Camburi (O Galeão), Juqueí (Peixe com
Escama) and Preta – between Barra of Sahy and Juquey – (As Bananas). These nightclubs and bars allow you to let loose and enjoy the flirting and fun that only nightlife at near the beach can offer.

Sirena Nightclub, Maresias
Events January
Summer Shows. During every weekend, the event area at Rua da Praia becomes a stage for Brazilian music and free concerts.Patron Party.During fifteen days the city celebrates the day of the Patron, São Sebastião, with a big event at Rua da Praia that culminates in a traditional procession on January 20.

Summer Connection
On the weekends of January, February and March, São Sebastião beaches become a huge outdoor playground with many activities for families.

2ª. Stage of Foot Volley - Copa Brasil. The best players of foot volley in Brazil are in the sands of Maresias beach for a duel of strength and beauty.

Carnival. Friday until Tuesday São Sebastião offers a wide range of activities for lovers of carnival: block street parades, samba school parade among other activities which makes the happiness of the residents and tourists.

Carnamar A great sea party takes place on Carnival Sunday with more than 150 boats sailing in the procession between São Sebastião and Ilhabela, bringing a lot of fun and joy to the participants.

Paulista Stage Of Mountain Bike
São Sebastião receives more than 200 athletes for an exciting bike competition in the middle of the Atlantic Forest.


Mullet Festival Boracéia
Tourists and locals can have the best of local cuisine prepared by the local community in this festival.

Toque-Toque Party
The small community of Toque-Toque Pequeno performs a great popular festival to celebrate the Santana's day.

Arraiá Caiçara
At Rua da Praia happen the Arraiá Caiçara Party with the traditional colors and the scents of the Caiçara village.

Municipal Rock Day
The best of Rock and Roll moves the quiet beach of Barra do Una with performances of rock bands to celebrate on the July 13 the rock day.

Marathon Bertioga Maresias
Maresias beach receives the second annual edition of this exciting marathon.

Trails of the Islands
This important swimming competition starts form the Barra do Sahy beach to the island making up 1.8 miles of pure emotion.

Race of São Miguel
On December 31, closing the year, Juquehy Beach Receives tourists and residents for an exciting race.

New Year Party
Fireworks in Rua da Praia give a special welcome to the New Year. Fireworks are visible from all the beaches providing a special flavor to start the year.

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