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Winter Magic in Berlin

Charlottenburg Castle Christmas Market

There is no more international city in the world, that would be still able to keep its traditions and strongs believes, Berlin has been growing in a high speed, since the Walls collapsed back in 1989, after being through the Cold War Era, no one believed that the capital would get so soon back on feet, turning into vibrant, sassy yet wonderfully relaxed capital city. It has everything from the best museums, spectacular landmarks, great monuments, beautiful people and a wild nightlife, it's for every age, every season, and every nation. Some of the best restaurants with excellent international cuisines, modern architecture, cleanliness and arts, it's like a mix of international and intoxicating cocktail, that you will never get tired of drinking, you will never get enough.

Berlin has unbeatable array of cultural attractions, everything you like, for every taste and age, from classical to traditional. I guess Germany is one of the classic Christmas celebrators in the world, with aroma of candied apples and toasted almonds , that literally kicks berliners out of doors during the freezing weather. Christmas markets in Berlin are spectacular, with more than 400 stalls at the weekend, the Christmas market in the old town of Spandau is the largest in the city. It's a winter magic at the Gendarmenmarkt. The best chefs will come out with their masterpieces, such as culinary delights , unique handicrafts and aromas from home made goods.

I don't think there is another place on the world with so many Christmas markets as Berlin,whether you prefer a contemplative and magical Christmas Market or a lively and urban one, also this year Berlin offers you a choice of sixty Christmas Markets. It usually start at december, so it's also a great opportunity to rush with gifts, which you can get in one of the markets, original and amazing, this will be a lifetime experience incomparable charm of "Winter Magic". It was back in 2007, when the Charlottenburg Castle Christmas Market gained its fame, and nowadays it occupies the castle and its park for 35 days, including approximately 150 vendors from all over Germany as well as abroad.

Every year around December Berlin shines in a festive blaze of lights, a time, when everyone pulls out their best decorations, decorating their homes with family, grand boulevards and squares and also in small side streets and in museums, they'll surprise you with their magic, charm and Christmassy delicacies. Getting ready and excited at the same time with the Christmas gifts for the beloved ones, ideas and places to celebrate, it's one of the year's most beautiful time, with this special atmosphere, people rushing, but still, looking forward the weekend to meet with friends and check out one of the 60 markets spread all over Berlin.

The Charlottenburg Castle Christmas market presents carefully selected arts and crafts, ancient handicrafts, and well chosen gastronomy inside of festively decorated cabins and exclusive glass pagodas, live classical-baroque music from professional brass and woodwind bands,so everyone can dance and feel that special Christmas spirit with or without snow. Also this year, German capital will offer a very unique combination of traditional music, historic carousels and a contemplative Christmas atmosphere, enjoy!

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