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Hot winter in the hills, Montenegro

Perfect weather, clean air with amazing landscapes

Breathtaking beauty, Montenegro, is a pearl of Mediterranean, where seems that sun shines brighter, where waters are more clear and natural beauty of mild beaches, clear lakes, rivers and mountains are just daily routine. No matter what's your goal in this country, whether it's a countryside relaxing or city busy party, Montenegro guarantees the best time of your life, it just won’t leave you indifferent.

Seriously, it seems like this country has it all, great history, arts, culture, traditions, perfect weather, clean air with amazing landscapes, and the clear blue Adriatic's not hard to fall in love with this country, actually that's the easiest part, the hardest? To leave it! So you better prepare you cameras, chargers and make a lot photos to take with you, it's a country that combines both, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, sharing borders with Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, and just across the sea, Italy.

Don't judge it for its size, even being extremely small, Montenegro offers diversity of thing to do, that even the biggest countries can not, starting with its natural beauty, every view of Montenegro will be a dream, to stunning cultural tours...even if it's capital Podgorica will never be a Europe's most happening capital, country itself offers most amazing vacation ideas. Montenegro is the youngest country in Europe , gaining its independence only few years ago , back in 2006, from Serbia, it has rapidly developed a tourist industry of its own, thanks to its short stretch of Adriatic coast and its dramatic, mountainous interior.

Winters are getting tough here, mountains are covered by snow and just perfect for winter sports, so wild variances in climate are expected, so during winter month there is an event Hot winter in the hills held, each year countless people are going to slopes and ski paths of Durmitor, Bjelasica Sinjajevina, many music stars, parties, events and sports are expected, it's a rich tourist manifestation with lots of culturally - artistic and entertaining events.

Go and find the best entertainment in mountains in Montenegro during the coldest time of the year, be brave! All you need, is give Montenegro a chance to show its stunning nature to you, provided by the proper equipment and guides, come to experience the wild and frigid beauty of this country.

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