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Buenos Aires, elegant, seductive place with edge

Dancing tango...

A mixture of everything a very European like city, with amazing south american residences, a deserts in the North and magnificent desolation of Patagonia in the South, a very impressive Iguazu Falls and majestic mountains, inhabitants are a mix of all races... yes, all in one country, Argentina. Is a top destination scenery of every tourism variety for a hungry visitor. Buenos Aires has become one of the best travellers destination in world. You will quickly fall in love with the capital, you will be thrilled how fun and fascinating Buenos Aires can be, finding the real glimpse of the real Argentina, the country mixes two passions, the old world charm and the modern and very vibrant nightlife.

Most of you would still think twice whether to visit it or not, you have no idea what you are giving up for, a paradise on earth, which sti has its old world cafes, colonial architecture, fun outdoor markets and diverse communities, it can actually be a very elegant and seductive place, Buenos Aires is unlike any other city in the world, at the first look it might seem a very familiar, but it's so unique at the same time. A place where tango is a lifestyle, so learn to sweep your leg dancing it, and where time seems to stand still, where nothing has been changed from centuries, showing off the real beauty and edginess of Argentina, deep in provinces, sub-tropical forests, the majestic sun-baked cactus-studded deserts of Jujuy.

Once you are in this incredible country, you will understand why so many people nowadays have fallen in love with it and also decided to stay here, one of the greatest things is great cuisine, which is a bit of Italian, Spanish and French, so basicly all the best. Not to remind you that Argentina is one of the major food producers in the world, producing beans, corn, meat, milk and soy beans.

There are great dishes making Argentina one of the top destinations for foodies, famous such as stew called Puchero, the pie Tartas or Empanadas, which is a puff pastry stuffed with different ingredients, many pancakes and great bread. Argentines like to compliment their meals with great wines, the locals produce their own marks, and what they do is mix their wine with carbonated water. Everyone have seen once Argentines going and travelling around with little round cups with a metal straw in it, that's the national drink, it's an important ritual in every single family,the drink is on the base of the herbs, specially prepared according to the preference of each guest.

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