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Mykonos, the gloss and glitter

Fashionable reputation with style

A place that has been welcoming people from all over the world, for over half a century, Mykonos has become one of the most popular holiday resort from all, many celebrities would head there to get a corner of peace and sun, not be disturbed from no one, even if nowadays it's getting even harder to be not recognized. Be prepared with a bottle of sun oil and the best of your bikini's set, cos Mykonos will surprise you with its fashionable reputation, nothing else but blue waters, white sand, great weather and little while villas, that's all that you will need to face. Mykonos has its own style, beneath the gloss and glitter, there is a beautiful island with great nightlife and the best resorts to relax yourself, cruise-ship crowds, best discos and beach parties and also some reserved corners for famous ones, the island will entertain every age.

Mykonos is Greeks little Ibiza, where you will feel like living in the postcard, little white houses with flowers everywhere, blue windows and doors, just like from the movie Mama Mia! where little churches are too many , and cafes and restaurants of the island runs the tourism, greeks had half of century to get a grip on tourism, and they did it, but it hasn't lost its charm and identity. It's amazing how island of Cyclades how grown, it used to be a very poor people were surviving by fishing, a bit of ship construction industry was the strongest point of the island, until the tourism turned the economy over back in 1950's , even if most of the islanders say it took away too much, that it has lost its soul.

Architecture in Mykonos is very particular and unique, a typical Cycladic cubist style houses all over the island, overlooking the landscape of Mykonos, the square houses will look like little ice cubes, reminders of a medieval times. Each little house is reached with a flight of steps, always parallel to the road, under the steps is a little storage for every house, atop the steps there is a wooden balcony , that nearly touches the balcony of the house across the street, everyone knows everyone, it's like living in a huge family, people borrow things from each other and doesn't mind to go from home to home...that's how friendly islanders are. Diverse from the rest of the Greek, where the colours are blue and white, Mykonos has every house painted in rainbow colours which reflects with whitewashed walls and blue skie, the effect is absolutely delightful.

And what about the foodies...well that's a another bright side of this beautiful island, great seafood like nowhere else,the restaurants are pretty expensive. You will find pretty diverse cuisine there, from Italian to very Greek, the island's specialty is the Louza loukaniko, a special kind of sausage and Kopanisti a special kind of soft goat's cheese with lots of pepper. Many locals eat in little bars in between the meals to have some snacks , such as fried fish, sausages or the very well known Greek meze with ouzo, a Calamari and so much more. Mykonos will definitely take your breath away in many ways, you will experience some stylish bars and shops, great beaches, and still find a quieter pulse amid the labyrinthine old town, it's a fabulous destination, worth to visit!

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