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London's Fashion Week

Creatively through a static installation

The attention for the Royal baby "boom" has calmed down, and London can again be itself, doing the things it used to do, being again the capital of all the greatest capitals in the world...London ha its busy and multicultural charm, that is stronger than anywhere else, think, that London is also called a world in one city, any kind of race, colour and nation you will find there.

If you are a lonely traveller, you will definitely find "your natives" there, surprisingly your country's food stalls or even supermarkets, London has become a home for everyone, in fact Londoners are getting tired, as not feeling like home anymore, but they have to deal with it, in a megalopolis of people like in London, being vibrant and truly multicultural you can not escape the fact that people from all over the world call it their home.

There are countless events and festivals that are waiting for their turn to come and shine, one of the brightest in autumn is London's Fashion Week 2013, it will once again inject a burst of style into Somerset House from the 13th until the 17th of September. You would say, on Friday, the 13tyh it might be unlucky for some one but not for Fashion Week. A time when the capital will be full of fashionistas and trendy girls, it's a high profile fashion industry events, that features 200 of the industry's most creative designers and businesses, in the UK and internationally, with catwalk shows, exhibitions and award ceremonies.

With every year and every season more and more, designers are choosing to show in an intimate "salon style" way or creatively through a static installation, rather than a big "bling bling" parade. The presentation of each designer's line should run not more than two hours, they shouldn't go straight to the catwalk show, everything runs after a very strict schedule. This is a special week for all the designers that allows fashion designers and brand houses to exhibit their latest work and collections to promote in runway shows. Come to London and enjoy geasurges models wearing beautiful clothes all studied and stylishly produced on the best way they possibly can.

London's Fashion week in September continues to be month's highlight event, pulling visitors from every corner of the earth. with more designers every year wishing to participate the catwalk in London. But remember, as the Fashion Week is wildly famous and even exclusive, it might be a problem to get in and take a part, unless you have some connections with the fashion industry, otherwise there is no chance of buying tickets to the event. So if you have not the slightest chance to get in the London's top event, be welcome to come to the capital and soak up the fashion's atmosphere.

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