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Istanbul, meeting place of East and West

Masterpiece of precious remains

Istanbul is the only city in the world lying on two different continents, although Ankara is the capital, Istanbul has been Turkey's capital for over two great empires and still attracts the biggest number of tourists in the country, for most of visitors and Turkish, Istanbul is and always will be the capital, even though Ankara is the capital of modern day Turkey.

Nowadays it has become a very busy city with more than 10 million inhabitants. Istanbul is no doubt Turkey's most populous city, being still the cultural and financial center, one of the richest cities in the world, with a marvellous historical background, and for many the most beautiful city in the world, most alive, most enchanting, experience that you will never forget, the city is literally an open air of museum, with great mosques, churches, old palaces, museums and bazaars, making Istanbul very attractive and definitely worth seeing.

Istanbul lies on the borders between two continents, Europe and Asia, so one part of the city is in Asia and the other in Europe, something incredible, both of those parts of the city are divided by a stretch of water Bosphorus, near Marmara sea. They call it Asian Istanbul and European Istanbul, and there are three great bridges that connects it. Bosphorus has it's magical waters that combines Black Sea and the sea of Marmara and Golden Horn.

The city was designed to be the capital, and it was , until Fatih Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror changed in his era, the city was so powerful that it used to dominate the world. Nowadays Istanbul is nothing more than an amazing masterpiece of precious remains of those civilizations that were standing glamorous between East and West, keeping its secret through centuries, presenting past and present, mixing harmony of antique and modern.

From an impressive city like Istanbul you wouldn't expect less than a very colourful and vibrant daily life, which is surrounded and protected by many many Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments. The old city has seven hill, so that would be more than enough to fill an entire album of countless skyline views and to graces a million's all about the tourism so for Turkish it's a part of daily life, all the restaurants and cafes will include an amazingly romantic view over the city around Eminonu and Beyoglu.

And of course the colourful bazaars, being more than chaotic but very charming at the same time,ladies will kill for the labyrinthine shopping streets, where the waft of cinnamon and clove intensifies as you approach the historic Spice Bazaar. Like every nation, Turkish love to eat, here food is tasty and fuel, food is a celebration of community, although the national cuisine has been refined over centuries , it's still one of the turkeys biggest goals, famous kebabs, salads and seafood , it's simple but very tasty, the ingredients are used in season, keeping the food exquisite and fresh.

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