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Spirit of Guatemala

Alma de la tierra, the Mexican wave

There are different type of travellers, each of us have a very different view of things and goals we would like to achieve, same is for the best destinations , one is looking for a fancy stay in Saint Troppez, for other one, edgy touch is just what they want...there are no "The Best" and "The Worst" ...diversity is a lifestyle, be different is something we have to be proud of. And so is Guatemala City, the largest city in Central America, with some great energy and fascination that attracts a certain type of visitor, even if some of tourists would avoid it for old sections and high crime levels.

Guatemala is beautiful , surrounded by mountains, it has become a very modern metropolis, and they are working very hard to improve its image and overall tourism appeal by cleaning itself up, adding new public spaces, upgrading public transport and hosting big weekend events. There are countless things to see in Guatemala, such as old ruins, churches and very colourful markets. Also for art lovers, will be plenty of museums and art exhibitions, those ones who are looking for fun, will be impressed by the lively Zona Viva bars. All the famous writers, artists and thinkers call Guatemala their home. The best museum pieces are in the capital, most of the locals tend to leave the city for the weekend , going to Monterrico or Antigura, but all their lives are here in Guatemala, with also great restaurants and bars.

And what about the food? Gutemala has varied blending Spanish and European influences, spicy dishes from Africa and India, and also very inspired from Caribbean coast. Guatemala is a bussiness and cultural center of the country, it's divided in numbered zones, the zone 1 is full of central markets and down town area, there are also zones 9 and 10 which are very residential areas, with wealthy and rich lifestyle, with some of the nicest hotels and exclusive boutiques, in total there are 21 zones. Guatemala is definitely worth to be seen, no matter how scared or sceptical would be for its edginess, you will love the spirit of Guatemala.

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