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Nairobi, thriving modern capital

Wild nature in Kenya

Kenya is a country that only in a century has risen to a thriving modern capital, before being only a brackish and uninhabited land...called also a green city in the sun, Kenya was a capital of British East Africa, Nairobi gained its independence back in 1963 and became Kenya's capital. It's a capital full of contrasts, Nairobi is old enough so you will feel the past and odd culture , and young and modern enough to have internet, most of travellers are prepared for the worst, do not worry, they are prepared for tourism, in fact, very well prepared.

Nairobi and their inhabitants stick with traditions, life in here is very active and busy, as people go about their business, the locals juggle work, personal and family obligations, still finding time for entertainment and social activities, sporting events and other family activities, such as barbecues and church events, the city never slows down.

Everyday Nairobi life is a bustle of activity. Nairobians juggle work, and personal and family obligations, while still finding time to enjoy their social favourites and contribute to the community. For locals, a typical weekend in Nairobi is very busy, from business/networking functions, sporting events and recreational activities to family weddings, barbecues and church events. Nairobi never slows down, it's center is marvellous and it hasn't lost its great sense of the past, with countless museums and the excellent historical home of Karen Blixen, the entire city has a great energy, Nairobi's unique character is a mix of tribe and origin.

Every one knows that Kenya is famous for it's amazing nature and beautiful animals in safari, Zebra, Wildebeest, Buffalo, Giraffe and more. Rhino, Cheetah, and a large number of Lions are all found here, living wild within 20 minutes of the centre of town, dangerous!

And just a little away from the city there is a spectacular 27 meter deep Fourteen Falls waterfalls at Thika, and great mountains. Once you travel to Kenya, you will experience a bit of everything, from wild nature to easy and cheap shopping, Nairobi is a city unlike any other, full of international restaurants and fantastic music scene, colourful markets , where you will find unbelievable things. It's a place of cool waters, great people and very relaxed atmosphere, a place where you will find your peace and become closer to the nature.

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