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Catwalks in Tokyo

Passion for Fashion

In a city, where fashion changes every minute and the fashion fades as soon as the clothes are plucked from the hangers, the phones last for a season, cos something new comes up, in a city, where people are polite and distant at the same time, in a city where the old and the new makes a fascinating contrast, Tokyo has become a very unique and culture rich metropolis, it's equal sophistication to great capitals like London and New York.

Originally it's called Edo, a city that started expanding as the power base of the 300 years Shogunate, has grown into a giant metropolis that it's nowadays, most of Japan's transportation networks are concentrate in Tokyo, all the politics, economy, culture and business are concentrate in the capital, that makes it even more important. Tokyo has a culture that has a worldwide influence, with inhabitants from all over the world.

Even if Europeans would doubt Asian way of dressing, barely calling it a great taste, Tokyo is one of the most stylish cities in Asia and has a plethora of trendy boutiques and ultra-hip shops lining its neon-lit streets. Japanees fallows fashion almost like in Milan, on the streets you will see many catwalks almost as in Milan. But that's not all to see in Tokyo, it seems like it has become the new spot to visit, every one goes to Tokyo, to megalopolis that is bursting with ideas and innovation, is full of ultra-modern and glass-walled skyscrapers, like the magnificent Tokyo Metropolitan Government building near Shinjuku Station, the Omotesando Hills, Shiodome skyscrapers and world famous New Tokyo Tower, which was completed in 2011, and is considered as the Japan's ever-furthering venture for modernity.

And another thing that's totally outstanding in Tokyo is a great restaurants for the sushi and seafood lovers, no wonder they stay so healthy and slim, they eat good and look after what they eat, it has become a part of their culture, the famous sukiyako or sushi have become a delicates in Europe and all over the world, even if from the very beginning it wasn't that much appreciated. Japanese cuisine has in recent years become much more familiar and appreciated around the world. You can choose between raw fish, batter-fried shrimps or go with famous sushi. Tokyo is an experience that has to be enjoyed and remembered for the rest of your life.

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