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Montenegro, a pearl of Mediterranean

Youngest country of Europe

You might have never heard about the youngest country of Europe, Montenegro, you can ignore it just because you never heard of it, but you could give it a chance to prof that it's a total pearl of Mediterranean, and very unique in so many ways. A country that got separated from Serbia, Montenegro has become a new, hot spot in Europe, offering everything you might look for at one place, the little country combines features of both the Balkans and the Mediterranean, near Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and Albania.

You won't leave it indifferent, it has a unique natural beauty, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in a compact area, so mornings with amazing beaches, and days with breathtaking views from the highest mountains. Montenegro is situated in the south of the Adriatic, history, beautiful culture and very clean air, which is hard to find in nowadays, a country which is worth visiting. They say it's a fairy tale country, with a great fairy tale name, Montenegro also known as a Black Mountain.

You don't have to look that careful to notice that it combines trinity of colours, black, emerald and azure, each of them represents country's beauty, grey black mountains of Durmitor, sparkling azure of Adriatic Sea and glistening emerald of its lakes and hills. Montenegro is a country that needs to be seen, to actually believe that all that beauty exists, something for everyone, skiing resorts, swimming places and great spas to free your spirit.

Montenegro is a country of many nations, first who found this area were Romans, than Slavs came and than also Turks smashed the Serbs in the battle of Marica. A country that have suffered a lot but finally have gained their independents from Serbia , and have become a brand new, splendid country.

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