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Delightful place Andorra La Vella

Anodorra La Vella is more than skiing resort and shopping town, it's more than traffic jams and street noises , it's so much more, go and discover some of the most dramatic scenery in all of the Pyrenees. This mini country is located between Spain and France, Andorra is a city with narrow valleys and mountainous landscapes.

You will see all the houses and churches built in the local style. Once you get a bit away from the main roads of Andorra la Vella, there will be unspoiled roads with splendid views across the rugged countryside, all you have to do is to give the country a chance to show itself, there are many things about Andorra to be loved!

So if you are willing to find something different than the classic travel destinations, Andorra la Vella is very famous for shopping, they say that Andorra has over 2000 shops – more than one for every 40 inhabitants, which would make this shopaholic paradise. Andorra is also famous for its great cuisine, which is mainly Catalan , but also Italian and French in small portions though.

Even if there are no specific methods of cooking, Andorran cuisine is a right amount of spices and other ingredients, colouring the dish. Some of the local goods are trinxat made of bacon, cabbage and potatoes, rabbit stewed in tomato sauce,roasted Lamb and of course desert, such as flavoured flat cakes .Andorran local dishes also include sausages, cheese, and a large variety of pork and ham dishes and a vast variety of vegetables.

Consider that Andorrans were under Spanish and French rule for more than 715 years, it was a long isolated and impoverished period for Andorra, since World War II many immigrants, legal and also illegal, they were attracted to the thriving economy with its lack of income taxes. It's international and might be a bit chaotic, that's Andorra's charm, it also might not be everyone's taste , but it has its very own and special atmosphere, somewhere in between France and Spain, with Italian cuisine, and Andorran truly great outdoors.

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