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Havana, stuff of legend

Glorious colonial past

In my very personal top travel list would definitely be South America,and one in particular would be amazing Cuba. The first thought comes in my mind thinking about this marvellous Carribbean country are coloured houses, old cars and clear waters, that kind of peace that is hard to find, and that feeling, that you are closest to the nature than ever, you can forget about make up and high heel shoes or suits and fancy clothes, all you will need are pair of slippers, sun cream and swimming suit! Havana is the capital of Cuba, the largest city in Caribbean, and no doubt one of the most culturally rich centres in the world.

Havana is very well appreciated by its glorious colonial past, with beautiful cathedrals, mansions, museums and castles, the famous Old Havana, Vieja Habana, including more than 900 landmarks, such as Presidential Palace and Cathedral Square. There is a saying they use often in Cuba, while the history is treasured, the culture is celebrated and enjoyed, and that's so true, Habaneros, which are inhabitants of Habbana simply adore their city and it's not hard to understand why it's so.

Havana's warm crystalline waters has more than 500 years of history, and it has become one of Latin America's most electric and unique societies. Cuba has unconditional love and passion for music and dance, seems like they walk dancing, Cuban women are famous for their gorgeous curvy body, dance spills out everywhere you go, in clubs, cabarets and impromptu street-side salsas, it's vibrant so much alive than even the saddest person would open up and go with Cuban flow. By the way the best ballet and dance companies are located in Cuba.

The inhabitants are lovely and welcoming, they will open your heart and give you their last shirt just to help. And the amazing sunsets and sunrises are worth a world, even if you are not romantic person , you wont want to miss a sunrise in Havana, get up early, sip up a strong Cuban coffee and watch as the iconic city glistens in the golden rays of daybreak. No matter how modern it has become with all the visitors coming to Havana, they still try to keep the beauty and traditions of Cuba in old way, still marking the end of the day with a single canon shot, The Parque Historica Militar Morro-Cabana , well known as the canonazo ceremony, every night's ritual you are not allowed to miss! It's your decision to love or to hate Cuba, but honestly, those ones who don't love it, haven't seen it yet....

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