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Manhattan Cocktail Classic

heart of New York

Great news for all the travellers willing to visit the city, where cocktail hour is more important than getting to work at time, city which has been inspiration for many singers and the centre of the universe,big apple and so on..yes it's New York , New York...and one of the best cities in the world for great education, there is no person who haven't heard about the great New York.

Manhattan is the cultural and also economic heart of NY, packed with amazing skyscrapers, bright lights and with a very alive match of life, the city is inhabited by all kind of people, rich poor, strange , crazy and beautiful, easy going and open minded, have no idea if the reason for it is the enormous size of the city. Great stores at the Fifth Avenue, night-life on Wall Street and China Town, which offers all you can and you can not imagine, that's NY.

If you happened to hear about the famous Sex and the City, where for friends are constantly dating and sipping cocktails in great Manhattan lounge bars and restaurants, you will know that it truly has one of the greatest cocktails to offer. Annually Manhattan helds "The Manhattan Cocktail Classic" , this will be the fourth year of the event, the legendary event starts at the 17th May during 4 days of delicious and definitely the best cocktails in the town, night Gala at The New York Public Library, which is the big opening, the rest of the week will be all about beverages and boozy brunches , spirited soirees, bar crawls and punch parties, and of course a three day conference for beverage industry professionals. It will be New York's peerless multi-day celebration of cocktails and culture.

This New York's finest event is not to be missed if you are there from the 17th until the 21st of May, people from all around the country and globe will be attending this incredible event. The great opening at the 17th May promises to transform New York City’s iconic New York Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue into one of the world’s grandest cocktail parties.

Bring your friends, pull out your best ties, suits and cocktail dresses, bring your very best mood to the party and live a real Manhattan cocktail dream, you will meet thousands of the city’s most fashionable movers and shakers. It's one of the most Extraordinary events of the year in New York, have your own Sex and the City cocktail night in the world's greatest city.

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Published on 24-Apr-2013
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