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Once you are in Rome, standing on one of the bridges, watching one of the churches, standing on the ruins of the wish to know all the story behind this, but it all ends once you see pizza or gelato shop, our curiosity last for few moments...but do not give it all up for a slice of delicious pizza. I've heard that tourist are getting worst with a knowledge of any city, its culture and history, there are no more wondering tourists willing to know more. It has become more like, I came I saw and I'm leaving because I have all the proofs, pictures, I was here...

I guess, most of you have visited the Vatican city, country, call it as you like, it's just a must see of Rome, but don’t know if even half of you know about the Vatican garden's existence. The green gardens and parks cover more than a half of the Vatican territory, most of the Vatican hill. The famous gardens have been keeping secrets and confidential for many many centuries, and now they are finally opened for public, with a mini open bus experience.

Go to visit the mysterious gardens and discover the treasures full of explanations, insights, interesting facts and anecdotes. It's a part of Vatican’s history, which have been hidden for so long, you will experience great nature, art and faith. It's not just about green gardens, there is man's love, intellectual work and faith of great artists. Looks like a paradise to humans eyes, which has to be discovered, temples, small houses, fountains, towers, ancient walls, statues and archaeological finds, you will be more than inspired of this miracle of gods.

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: staff
Published on 22-Apr-2013
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Photo of Labor day, Rome

Labor day

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Photo of Spanish steps, Trinita dei Monti, Rome

Spanish steps, Trinita dei Monti

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New Year's Eve in Rome

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M&J Place Hostel and Hotel

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Photo of National Geographic, The Great Adventure, Rome

National Geographic, The Great Adventure

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You are what you EATALY

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One of the most seductive and thrilling cities

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Photo of Feriae August Augusti, ROME

Feriae August Augusti

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