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Stockholm is known as a one of the most charming cities in Europe. It is not nothing new, because without any doubt everyone who has been in this special place was impressed. This city is the capital and largest city of Sweden and includes nearly 2 million inhabitants. Built on fourteen islands, connected by some 50 bridges on Lake Mälaren, which flows into the brackish Baltic Sea. Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city with both classical and modern architecture, and of course a captivating Old Town, Gamla Stan. This oldest part of Stockholm is made up from three islands: Riddarholmen, Staden and Helgeandsholmen.

“It is not a city at all. It is ridiculous to think of itself as a city. It is simply a rather large village, set in the middle of some forest and some lakes. You wonder what it thinks it is doing there, looking so important.”

Ingmar Bergman

About the climat, Stockholm has got fairly mild temperatures throughout the year. For example during the summer, the average daily high temperatures reach 20-25°C (68-77°F), with lows of 12-15°C (54-59°F). It is a perfect weather to stay out on the fresh air active and enjoy the city! It offers many different types of spending free time. Without any doubt these wide selection of world-class museums and attractions is another thing, which makes this city special and just great for tourists. 'Top 10' places will be for sure: Gamla Stan, The Royal Palace, The Vasa Museum, Skansen Open-Air Museum, Fotografiska, The City Hall, Moderna Museet, Boat Sightseeing with Stromma, Royal National City Park, Sky View (on the top of the Globe). 

Spring in Stockholm is simply amazing! This year, in 7th of May will happen the Grand Opening of of the highly anticipated Swedish Music Hall of Fame and ABBA the Museum. Famous in the word ABBA’s music, clothes, lyrics, musicals and films have been assembled in Stockholm and will be shown in a constant exhibition.

Also Swedish could be really attractive, especially in all of these perfectly-made restaurants in the city of Stockholm. It offers not only traditional cuisine of the country, but also the best kind of food from all over the world! It is necessary for turists to try the most typical dishes from the menu. Because of being close to the sea, fishes and seafood are in extremely good quality. Sweden is also popular because of bread (sandwitches for breakfest and lunch), beef and lingonbery jam, which is usually served with mashed patatoes and meatballs with creamy sauce. It will be a sin not to try Falukorv, which is thick and big sausage, made of a grated mixture of pork and beef or veal with potato starch flour and mild spices. They eat it from almost five centuries!

Stockholm is an attractive city in every side of live. Lovers of fishing also will have a lot to do there! Perfect day with a bicycle, great dishes, shopping in the centre with all time breathing extremely clean fresh air is the honey for the body and the soul.

Photo of Between blue water and bluer skies, Stockholm

Between blue water and bluer skies

Truly inspiring Stockholm, Sweden, by staff

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Photo of Stockholm, a mirage of saffron, Stockholm

Stockholm, a mirage of saffron

Home decor magazine of Sweden, by staff

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Photo of Stockholm, a fashion decor magazine, Stockholm

Stockholm, a fashion decor magazine

Natural beauty of Sweden, by staff

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Photo of Kiruna Snow Festival, Stockholm

Kiruna Snow Festival

Magical snow experience, by staff

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Photo of Archipelago Hostel Old Town, Stockholm

Archipelago Hostel Old Town

Stockholm, Sweden, by staff

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Photo of Christmas time in Sweden , Stockholm

Christmas time in Sweden

Fireplace, mulled wine and ginger cookies, by staff

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Photo of Little, lucky Swedish girl, Stockholm

Little, lucky Swedish girl

Pippi Longstocking , by staff

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Photo of Stockholm Pride, Stockholm

Stockholm Pride

Party Party Party, by staff

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Photo of Stockholm hunting for  the gifts, Stockholm

Stockholm hunting for the gifts

Exclusively built old stonehouses, by staff

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Photo of Midsummer festival in Stockholm, Stockholm

Midsummer festival in Stockholm

most celebrated festival, by staff

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