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I have no idea how close you are to nature, or how much you care about the arriving spring, but April annually is a wonderful month in Netherlands, Amsterdam, because of the tulip season that have started, it's a fairytale worth view, when hundred colours of tulips blanket covers the country. Netherlands is famous by the beautiful flower business if we an call it this way, but Amsterdam is more famous by coloured houses and huge wooden shoes. And of course plenty of Van Gogh's museums all over the city, probably one of the worlds cities with high number of museums. Dutch are very welcoming and happy people, being very easy going and open mind, something that most of the Europe countries should steal...

It might be confusing for some of you, but the country really has two names, officially is called The Netherlands , but many also called Holland. This is not just a tulip month, is a time when locals await Queen's Day, the birthday of Queen Beatrix's mother, Juliana. Amsterdam seems very popular for younger people, which want to explore the best night-life and get some bad habits tasted, which are allowed in Holland, if you are over the age of 16 , you can purchase alcohol , while you have to be 16 to buy cigarettes.

The capital's reputation is a very relaxed, and of course the Red Light district is still there. Amsterdam will go or it already is in history with it's very relaxed attitude, for many it's not understandable, for many it's the best solution ever. I guess once you reach a certain age, it's fine to live in Amsterdam, but when are you still a child it could be too much allowed..but a s they say, you want to do things that are forbidden.

Dutch people are world wide famous for healthy life style, even the president might go around the city with a bicycle, to ride a bicycle it's a part of lifestyle there, it's how Amsterdammers commute to work, go to the shop and meet a date for dinner, there is no such a way to go around with fancy car just to impress someone, cos the truth is , no one cares, that's a thing I respect the most of Amsterdam.

The capital is incredibly clean and organized, with side walks, the city reclaimed from the sea offers countless opportunities to drift, enjoying massive harbour and beautiful canals. Amsterdam is so great that you can hop in a canal boat and enjoy a ride through the city, or get a FREE ferries behind Central Station, that's the way it should be in every city!

Photo of Amsterdam on a bike, Amsterdam

Amsterdam on a bike

Dutch quality, by staff

Amsterdam has truly earned its title of "the best" in many categories, called Nord Venice for its many canals,165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade to expand the city, famous f... TRAVEL INFO in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands, by staff

Amsterdam, this lovely city, is one of the top destinations in Europe and the dream travel of many, but to enjoy it on the best way possible, you'll have to stay in the right place. Among the numerous... SELECTED HOSTELS in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Netherlands,  gently beautiful country, Amsterdam

Netherlands, gently beautiful country

Fields of tulips and classic windmills, by staff

The Netherlands is tiny country gone big! With windmills and tulips they have made a fortune, bursting with a beauty all around the country, lighting itself up next to whole Europe, outstanding. Dutch... TRAVEL INFO in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of The Bulldog Hostel, Amsterdam

The Bulldog Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands, by staff

It seems kind of impossible to walk through Amsterdam without bumping 's museum is just one of them, buildings from seventeenth century, joint smoking alien sculptures will make your head spin, it's a... SELECTED HOSTELS in Amsterdam, Netherland [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Museums in Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Museums in Amsterdam

A unique city in the world., by staff

With the highest museum density in the world, Amsterdam is best known for its tolerance to soft drugs and prostitution. But the truth is that the city is a museum itself, for its small scaled buildin... CITY LIVE in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Amsterdam has many good..., Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many good...

Coffee shops and the Red Light District., by staff

With more than 1500 bridges and numerous canals, Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is also called the Venice of the North. Starting as a fishing village in the 12th century, it became a very impo... DESTINATIONS in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Amsterdam Sinterklaas Procession, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Sinterklaas Procession

Magic of Christmas, by staff

Everyone, not only children, love Christmas. People are waiting for this full of traditions and various celebrations time. Inseparable to Christmas traditions is Saint Nicolas, which differs in variou... CITY LIVE in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of TCS Amsterdam Marathon , Amsterdam

TCS Amsterdam Marathon

Number one!, by staff

Autumn come with many events, mostly indoors, because of the cool weather all around the Europe...but there is one event that isn't scared of any weather changes, Marathon! When it comes to marathons... TRAVEL INFO in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of  Amazing boat cruise, Amsterdam

Amazing boat cruise

The Venice of the North, by staff

Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North, due to its beautiful canals that cross the city, its impressive architecture and its 1,500 bridges. Amsterdam offers something for every traveller's tast... TRAVEL INFO in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Queen's day in  Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Queen's day in Amsterdam

Loving trade, by staff

Amsterdam is definitely a city with people in there who know how to celebrate...already fifty years they have been celebrating Queen's day. But it's not only Amsterdam’s festival, celebrated in... EVENTS in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

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