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Festa della Primavera, Spanish steps

Hundred of pink azaleas

All world knows that Rome is the top travel destination in Italy with great attractions all over the year. Rome might be ancient with monuments and countless medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains, amazing museums, but today's Roma is also vibrant and so much alive. April is the busiest time to visit the capital. It might be for the Easter, sure that most of us would head to the Vatican, considering also the new Pope, and for all the lovers, who are finally awake in the spring and willing to soak up the very romantic atmosphere that Rome offers.

It's a city that has it all, all the road lead to Rome, that's so true, you wont be able get lost in Rome and even if you will, that will open you new other streets and ways to wonder of, you will be more that satisfied. It offers many fine restaurants and cafes, good nightlife, and lively streets and squares. During April Romans celebrate Festa della Primavera, celebration of Spring.

It's a life time experience to see the Spanish steps during this time, all decorated with hundreds of pots of bright pink azaleas. making the view even more amazing than it already is. Many concerts will be held at this time, long weekend because of the Easter, countless tourists everywhere, wondering with maps, Italians with their crazy driving, and so many emotions that are impossible to picture...just feel them!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
Published on 01-Apr-2013
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