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Are you looking for a fun trip through some fabulous country? End of March,actually at the 24th reopens the famous Luna park in beautiful Sydney, the season has started , so all the hight emotion fans are more than welcome to the joy paradise in the beautiful city itself.

The very loved Luna park was restored back in 1930...a fun park. The entrance is totally free, so we suggest you to soak up the atmosphere and the magnificent views of Sydney Harbour. Even if you come with your family and friends, all of you can enjoy the rides and games, doesn't even matter if your are an adult or a Luna park hater, go and relive that child in you, and remember your childhood deepest dreams coming true.

It's originally called Luna Park Milsons Point, located in the Sydney's Harbour, it was closed and reopened for several times, for different reasons, now they are opening again, so be prepared from the 24th of March, all to the Sydney! Step back in time at Coney Island, experience The Big Top, the Dodgems, Ferris Wheel and make most of it having look at the Bird's eye. Sydney has it all, from the entertainment until the most serious stuff, like The Opera House for art lovers and even with a great Wedding, most romantic you have ever been in, or your own or watching others doing it in the very center of Sydney.

You will enjoy Luna park with different attractions, carnivals, delicious food, like hot dogs, fairy floss, ice-creams, also healthy snacks or junk food, at the end is your fun vacation we are talking about, so make most of it. Try your luck in Luna park, with laughing Clowns, Crazy Crooners or Goin Fishing, there are fabulous prizes to be won for all!

Luna Parks is located just meters from the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the shores of Sydney Harbour. Once you arrive, Martin Sharp's iconic clown face at the entrance will welcome you, the rickety wooden rides, and vaudeville decor gives the park a strong sense of nostalgia. Have fun in the beautiful Sydney's Luna Park.

Photo of Blue Parrot Backpackers, Sydney

Blue Parrot Backpackers

Sydney, Australia, by staff

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Photo of Sydney,  abundance of pearls, Sydney

Sydney, abundance of pearls

Pretensions to glamour , by staff

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The Opera House

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Dream destination, Sydney

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National Australia Day

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Swan Lake in Sydney Opera House

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National Sorry Day

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