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Spring is finally around the corner and as late spring is one of the cheapest times to fly, it's
time to dust down those summer clothes and get packing.

Destination of the Month
Ethiopia is a land of remoteness and extreme landscapes with ancient traditions dating back 3000 years. See the spectacular Great Rift Valley, giant waterfalls and lush jungles or just watch the game on the Savannah. With seven World Heritage sites and nine national parks, Ethiopia is a timeless land...

International Days
This month saw International Women's Day - a day to recognize the contributions made by women towards global peace. By giving women a stronger voice and empowering them to speak out, families and communities can be supported and reduce the risk of gender-based violence.

World News
Aeromexico, the country's largest airline has reported flying over 1 million passengers last month! Mexico is a great year round destination.

Airline News
Virgin Atlantic are pioneering sustainable air travel and have developed a low-carbon fuel made from converted steel waste gases. The demo flight will take place this year and if it takes off, it could lead the way for sustainable air travel...

It's now even easier to reach Belize on a Central American itinerary. From March 25 Tropic Air will be operating a daily flight between the tourist resort of Cancun and Belize City's International airport.

Hotel News
Holiday Inn Express are set to enter the Russian market with 15 new Express hotels. The first hotels are due to open in late 2014 in Chelyabinsk and Voronezh.

Unusual Hotel
Sleep under the Northern Lights in Finland in your very own glass igloo. Although outside might be well below freezing, the special thermal glass will keep you nice and warm inside and each igloo is equipped with luxury beds and its own toilet.

Hostel of the week
Think that staying in a 17th century palace was well out of price range? Think again...Hotel Americano in the Centro Historico district of Mexico City has affordable beds and there's
even a rooftop swimming pool and bar.

Cruise News
Cruise and Maritime Voyages are entering the Australian cruise market and will sail twice yearly ocean voyages between the UK, Australia and South Africa. But you'll need to allow lots of time as sailing from the UK will take over 30 days.

Wish you could have sailed on a ship like the Titanic? Well know you can. Billionaire Clive Palmer is working on an exact replica of the first Titanic but prices won't be cheap, a first class cabin will set you back a staggering $1 million. Would you sail on her?

Something Different
Go on holiday and get fit at the same time. Fitness Travel company combines fitness with exotic destinations, so you can come back slimmer than you started!

Travel Tip
Take vitamins with you to supplement your fruit and veg intake (vital for countries such as Mongolia).

The Flip Side
The Flip Side looks at local communities all over the world and gives the other side of the story. This week we look at the world's most threatened tribe - the Awa in Brazil. After claims that illegal loggers and settlers are destroying their forest home, Brazil's indigenous affairs department will be looking at removing illegal loggers from Awa land, who are
causing the Awa to flee.

Best places for ... Shopping
Copenhagen - If it's top ultra-sleek designer wear that you're looking for, Copenhagen is the place to bag it. Head to the Gronnegade area for popular designers or the pedestrian streets of Stroget and Kobmagergade for Prada and other international brands.

Did you know?
That the Yellow River in China is also known as China's Great Sorrow? For thousands of years it regularly burst it's banks wiping out entire villages destroying everything its path. It
flooded an area greater than the United Kingdom!

Quote of the Week:
We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. (Anais Nin)

Latest Blog Post:
Best of Budapest. Heading to Hungary for a weekend and want to know where to go? Budapest has everything and more that you need for a city break - check out the latest
blog post.

Photo of Royal capital Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Royal capital Copenhagen

Scandinavian beauty, by staff

BBC has officially announced that the happiest population in the world are Danish people! They are content with their lives, some would say why wouldn't they!? They have it all! But did not all of us... DESTINATIONS in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Mulled wine and gingerbread, Copenhagen

Mulled wine and gingerbread

Copenhagen lights up Christmas markets, by staff

Nowadays, when people pretend to not have the time to prepare homemade meals and any kind of dinner party is something to "oh" and "ah" about, when kids have no idea what fun they are missing playing ... CHRISTMAS MARKET in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Most wonderful city in Scandinavia , Copenhagen

Most wonderful city in Scandinavia

Copenhagen, confidence in its own charms, by staff

Winter is taking over and all you need is a positive , little vacation, to free your mind and soak up some positive energy, Denmark will cheer you up. In fact Danish are known as the happiest nation o... CITY LIVE in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Woodah Hostel, Copenhagen

Woodah Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark, by staff

If you are more than average you'll probably want a more than usual accommodation when visiting Denmark's capital, Copenhagen. It's a cosmopolitan city, with modern and super cool style and atmosphere... SELECTED HOSTELS in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Denmark, state of global happiness, Copenhagen

Denmark, state of global happiness

Most cosmopolitan, most exciting and the coolest, by staff

There are hundreds of statistics in the world, checking and testing, which nation would be the happiest and truly content one...and you know what? Danish seems to be the happiest people on the planet,... DESTINATIONS in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Magnificent Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Magnificent Copenhagen

More than 2 million bicycles, by staff

While the rest of the world is trying to catch the heat in hot countries, willing to get the sunshine as strong as possible, you could rather take it easy and go with the seasons, enjoying them one by... TRAVEL INFO in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of   World Santa Claus Congress, Copenhagen

World Santa Claus Congress

Bakken Amusement Park, by staff

It's summer time, but there is something weird going on around this time, actually starting today, the 24th of July. And definitely don't have to think it's some kind of joke, because of what you will... DESTINATIONS in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Christmas shopping, from cheeky to freaky!, by Info Hostels

Ice-covered streets, drinking the Scandinavian sweet & spicy wine-drink "Glogg" under 1000 christmas-lights, window-shopping, the cold freezing your nose.. Yes, Copenhagen or Kobenhavn as the natives... EVENTS in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Roskilde Festival: 1 -  4 of July, 2010, Copenhagen

Roskilde Festival: 1 - 4 of July, 2010

Roskilde, Denmark, by Info Hostels

What you need to know about the Roskilde Festival? Roskilde Festival is held south of Roskilde in Denmark and is one of the five biggest annual music festivals in Europe. It was created in 1971 by two... CITY LIVE in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

Photo of Copenhagen: A Fairy Tale City, Copenhagen

Copenhagen: A Fairy Tale City

Where the Magic Happens..., by Info Hostels

It is said that the winter is a time of magic. Then Copenhagen is a city that looks best dressed in white winter coat. Ancient castles, churches and canals enhance the mysterious ambience of Copenhage... DESTINATIONS in Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

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