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Oldest and the best gelato in Rome

Giolitti, zabaione-flavoured semifreddo

Rome is worth visiting in any season, and it's worth to taste its goods, like ice cream...The cold season lasts few month only from December until February, March is the month when the sun shines and all you want to do is to go through Rome's ancient streets with coppa of gelato. Be careful here, you do not call Gelato ice cream, is insulting gelato. For you to know , gelato is much richer, smoother, and more flavourful than ice cream.

There are countless ice cream shops in Rome, one next to the other, but only Romans will know that Blue ice is normal powder ice cream, and the very bests are home made, hand made, with natural flavours, if it's peach gelato, it suppose to be made with real blended peach in it, the same for pistachio and all the other flavours ...Giolitti is definitely the best and the oldest gelato shop in Rome, back in 1890 Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti inaugurated this shop as milk shop, and initiated the dynasty of master gelatieri that is still famous in Rome today.

The very historical shop is located next to the Pantheon, in a narrow , fancy street Via Uffici del Vicario, is a beautiful establishment in perfect Art Nouveau style. Apart great gelato, there are also handmade crushed ice drinks, there are also excellent pastries, cakes and biscuits. If you are a tourist in Rome, please do not miss this heavenly option, get a Coppa Giolitti, a triumph of chocolate and cream flavoured ice cream and zabaione-flavoured semifreddo, topped with whipped cream and chopped hazelnuts. That will make you come back to Rome, having gelato no matter how is the weather.

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Published on 12-Mar-2013
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