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Holi Festival in Nepal

Bring the colors of life in

I guess we are more than done with winter and greyness all over the nature, the spring is on its way, but it seems like more than impossible to wait for it, like a kid wanting something so bad, that it turns out, it wouldn't happen, just because you want it. But if you live in country with Hindu population, you will know it's time to smile, we are heading to the spring, there is a holy festival coming up, very famous around India and Nepal. In Nepal is actually a national holiday, and to be honest with you, as I love to check out all the websites that publish lots of photos, it's considere to be one of the most enjoyable festivals I have ever seen.

Holi means a Hindu celebration , it's a festival of colour that celebrates the incoming long awaited spring, based on Hindu lunar calendar, every year celebrated at the end of the winter, on the lasr full moon day , it usually falls in February or March, this year it will be on the 27th of March.

Actually is something similar to the famous spring day 21st of March, known very well all over the Europe, maybe with a bit less enthusiasm and celebrations. Everywhere in the world, where are large Hindu communities, the Holi Festival is wide celebrated, in places like Singapore, Malaysia and smaller local communities in parts of the US and UK.

How it started you would ask? As most of the happenings in life have few stories, also this one has many legends going on, one of the most popular is about the god of love, Kamadeva, the legend says that he shot his weapon at Shiva to help Parvati to marry Shiva by disrupting Shiva's meditation, distrupted Shiva opened his third eye and cause a gaze that was so powerful that Kamadeva's body was destroyed and reduced to ashes. Kamadeva's wife, Shiva restored Kamadeva as a mental image, representing the true emotional and spiritual state of love.

In Nepal is a hug celebration, people light bonfires on the eve of Phalgun full moon, on that day the tradition is to throw colored powder into the air and onto other people, it's so much fun for everyone, mostly if you are tourist,also common place to throw bags of brightly coloured water at each other in celebration of the holiday. If you are hungry for spring, colours and positive emotions. Nepal is the right place to be in March.

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