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Easter Market in Prague

Old Town Square

This year Easter starts at the 31st of March, earlier as the other years, so all the world prepares depends each country, helding their traditions and believing. Czech Republic is not exception, being a very religious country it celebrates it all the way before. Each year having two main markets in biggest squares of the capital, beautiful Prague. From the 16th March until 7th April, at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.It's been a while since Czechs could fully enjoy this old tradition, since the fall of communism, where everything that's traditional was forbidden, the market has finally enjoyed a renaissance, together with thousands tourists, soaking up the atmosphere.

You will see plenty of big and small eggs walking around or standing still, big number of women wearing traditional costumes. Wooden huts around the squares will offer different handcrafted products, such as crystal and glass-ware, jewellery, metal-ware, candles, wooden toys, embroidered cloth, and beautifully dressed puppets and dolls, for presents and children's joy. And of course traditional food and Czech drinks, offering all the choice of all the goods fro tourists and locals, hot sausages and large hams on spits, along with delicious local pastries to sample, plus ice-cold Czech beer and hot wine.

Both markets are near to each other, both located along the River, clothes, jewellery and old, antique pictures will be for sale for great prices. And once you are in Prague, use the occasion that its spring, one of the rare countries in which you can get a real spring on your skin, the grass wakes up, trees start to get green and everyone has this spark in the eye, the white , cold winter is over, it's time for new season. For better entertainment you can get a ticket for a classical concert, specially at this time, there will be many, great performances in the city's beautiful old churches and grand concert halls.

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City: Prague
Country: Czeck Republic
Published on 01-Mar-2013
Section City Live
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