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Salseros in Switzerland

Freiburg Salsa Festival

Most of you might think about Switzerland about very clean and beautiful,rich country with a lot of snow and great chocolate, but that's not it, Switzerland is so much more there are bright festivals held , one of the best is Salsa Festival, believe it or not Salsa has been helding salsa signature on Swiss dance floor since 2002. Even if Salsa festival should be held in one of the Latin cities, it has become a main reference for Salsa events throughout the world.

It has been leaving its signature on Swiss dance floors since 2002. It has become a major reference for Salsa events throughout the world. During the festival you will experience dance workshops and parties through day and night, where rhythm and fun set the dance floor on fire. You won't believe you are in Switzerland, the Freiburg Salsa Festival 2012 attracted numerous guests from all over the world. You will have an extraordinary opportunity to meet and get to know Salseros from all over the world, friendly people, salsa moves and good food it all that it takes to make your day. There will be many guest-houses and beautiful hotels open for all tastes and budget.

So doesn't really matter if you are dancer or not, the festival invites everyone to join and have real Latin fun, beautiful costumes and vibrant professional dancers will bring you to the dance floor. The Salsa Festival Switzerland struts into the Kongresshaus Zurich, get your dance shoes, your holiday mood and be prepared for the best entertainment program in one of the richest and delicious cities in the world.

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City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Published on 23-Feb-2013
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