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Maldives, the sunny side of life

Being Robinson Crusoe

Are you wishing to escape from the snow, rain and cold, anything that represents winter in Europe? Are you willing to get in the peaceful place, forgotten by gods and humans? There is one existing, the Maldives...The island has become a perfect place for divers, for its blue waters, the amazing country has become a byword for paradise whether it be for honeymooners, sun worshippers or divers, every seeker of peace trying to find himself would head there, just a great getaway for humans. You want to play Robinson Crusoe? Maldives is the place to be, settle your mind and enjoy the paradise on earth...

It's a chain of 1190 little coral islands, all scattered across the Indian Ocean, forming the Maldives , which is 80-120 km wide, in the map it looks like ocean, nothing else, it's incredible that only 201 from all the islands are inhabited by the local people, and 83 islands are exclusively developed as a tourist resort, and just imagine that the rest are uninhabited...mind-blowing beauty , peace and no one that occupies your mind, any problem will feel small in front of the beauty and wild nature you will live there.

The Maldives people are mix of cultures, cos all of the tourists coming there, genes passed on by South and South-east Asians, Africans, and Arabians. They are quite open and kind, very fast to adopt and very welcoming, they still eat a lot of fish and most of them are fishermen, they are open minded but at the same time still want to believe in upholding unity and oneness in faith, but recent waves of reform in the country have created a whole new culture of new ideas and attitudes, being very strong in their traditions and gods.

If you are searching for romance and wishing to throw your self in the wildness that existed hundreds of years ago, enjoying simplicity of life, bright blue skies, all-year sunshine and fantastic diving and snorkelling in lagoons the temperature of bath water. You will be in the middle of Ocean surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a lot of blue waters, facing deep Muslim faith. Maldives, where summer never ends and there are endless ways to let the magic of the islands to make you fully enjoy your holidays.

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