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Almond Blossom Festival

Sicily, province of Akragas

When you are tired of the cold and winter, the only thought that keeps you go on is spring...the blossom, when all the nature literally wakes up with humans included...the best time around all year, specially in Italy, when white almonds blossom, the smell is amazing, makes you fall in love.

The Valley Temples announces the return of spring in the historical centre of the Mediterranean, all you will feel is a harmony of people wrapped into culture. So for this special happening is special event held ever year from the beginning of February, when the peace and joy goes through the ancient Akragas during the Almond Blossom Festival.

It started back in 1934, in Naro by Dr. Alfonso Coubt Gaetani, the aim was to enhance the Agrigento spring giving a day of celebration and high spirits to all the farmers of the Valley of Paradise. It's a spell that is repeated every spring, during this special day people stop and stare as if the "Valley of Paradise" , the valley below the town of Naro, was enchanted by the white cloud of almond flowers. It started in Naro, but with time, the party and all the celebrations were moved to Agrigento, where he could have more resonance, and show this beautiful spectacle throughout the entire province.

It's a very traditional and cultural, totally enjoyable event , you won't regret if you want to feel alive and blessed, head to Sicily, it's a life experience. From 3rd February until the 12th , this year will be 67th edition of the Almond Blossom Festival, and during this period there will be held also the 56th international festival of folklore and also children festival. So be prepared or with friends or also family, where kids will be well entertained. Let the two different worlds meet, the cultural and the nature one.

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