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Dubai Shopping Festival

Gold Souk at Sikkat al-Khali

The best thing about new year starting are sales...but with years the sales goes worst, the discounts are no more discounts and the clothes are from previous basicly, when you go shopping , your are first to buy new collection, cos there is nothing worth on spending for old clothes. When it comes to shopping, they say the best place to be is Dubai, and don't think that the prices are too high, cos there are also sales..the best time for shopaholics is during the huge, sprawling Dubai Shopping Festival.

Yes, they have a whole festival going on for this occasion, I guess every girls dream is to live in Dubai. It's definitely a hot place to shop, reductions are offered across a vast range of must-haves, from jewellery to fashion, electrical goods and carpets. Each year more than two million visitors attend the Dubai Shopping Festival, which last whole January until the 3rd of February, all the Malls are open from 9am-12am and night from 6pm until 3am, isn't it heaven?

The best atmospheric shopping is to be found in the souks, located on either side of Dubai Creek, where bargaining is part of the buzz. And you have definitely heard about the most famous bazzar the Gold Souk at Sikkat al-Khali , your head will spin around from the bling you will see in the shop windows, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in 18, 21, and 22 carat gold, sold according to weight.

The spending number in Dubai is about US$1 billion, all sponsored by Dubai Duty Free, but it doesn't end with shopping, the event is taken seriously, with theatre and street performances, diverse fashion shows, spectacular fireworks and laser shows, Dubai is a rich city, so all that party joy has been thrown for you, also prizes are Big , such as Rolls Royces and gold, also for your kids there will be countless events and handicraft shows. I will remind you that Dubai is the best place also to buy a great carpets from Iran , Afghanistan and Pakistan, also Arabic coffee pots, swords and inlaid rosewood and walnut furniture...a perfect place to be for sales period.

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