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Top of the world St. Moritz

Moritz Gourmet Festival

We humans are lucky to live on the planet with four seasons, and each of them gives us a bunch of things to enjoy in each particular one...and I'm not talking about the Christmas and stuff to celebrate, simple nature things to enjoy would be just enough...we humans used to always be in a stand by waiting for something to come, what if for a change we would be happy right now with the things we have in this very special moment...and what about in winter go to the top of the world?

St. Moritz is located at 1,856 metres altitude in the Engadin on the southern side of the Alps. And what you do when it's freezing cold and you are done skiing? You go for a great meal, and St. Moritz has plenty of places to offer you to get an excellent meal. For this reason there is held a great event St. Moritz Gourmet Festival, this will be its 20th year, running from the 28th January until the 1st of February. Chefs from all over Europe will cook together with their young colleagues, creating heaven on the dish, promising a fantastic combination of perfect ski conditions and exquisite food.

You will experience with your own eyes and stomach the heaven they offer, at the Gourmet Dinner with Guest Chef Massimo Bottura in the traditional Le Restaurant Badrutt's Place. Massimo Bottura is an exceptional Italian talent, been awarded three Michelin stars and learned from the likes of Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adria, he runs his own restaurant in Milan, ranked as number 4 in the world, people this is Big! 2013 at the legendary Kitchen Party guests get up-close with the festival chefs, eating informally while watching the stars strut their stuff amid sizzling pans and a party atmosphere, it's also a lot of fun, and if you are asking about the dessert? Highlights will include the Gourmet Safaris, chocolate gatherings! Buon apetito at the top of the world!

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