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Christmas Cup swimming competition

Switzerland , Geneva

The cold has just started in Europe, and everyone gets their winter coats and big jackets to escape from the cold, other getting ready for winter holidays going to the mountains to get some winter joy! But some, in Switzerland, Geneva, go to annual Christmas Cup swimming competition, yes, swimming out doors...It's a quite of challenge to test your nerve, there are some, who goes there annually, some are curious , and some the beginners willing to swim in ice water with no fear.

Different ages,some kids are just betting , some are truly found of this strange sport all that happening out in a freezing Lake Geneva, on the quay of the Jardin Anglais. It was first held back in 1934, usually it was 125 meter race taking course between two bridges over the River Rhone, the Christmas Cup swimming competition is for those ones, who love challenge.

The temperature outside is about minus 10 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is about 4 degrees, so just imagine, get into ice cold water and get out in more freezing've got to be kidding me! Seriously, as a child I used to watch those competition on TV, and though what a crazy people, but there are some really passionate about this who thing.

The event sees 1000 entrants compete in 60 heats is open to all members of the public, although no swimmer should be less than 13 years old. If you really have to do this, please think of delicious Swiss cheese and chocolate while you are getting in and hopefully out alive from the water!

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