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Olive oil festival

The best in the world, Spain

Each country has something that they are great with, Spain has many power points, one of them is Olives, Spain produces 15 % of world's olive oil production ... it's a high-quality regional produce at the Olive and Olive oil festival. All over the little town called Baena you will enjoy all the restaurants with great recipes all made of olives or olive oil...delicious meals from all the traditional Spanish cook books. Autumn is a time when you can spoil your body with great meals, excused by the cold.

November is the time when every Spanish know they would be celebrating the liquid gold festival, it's a staple of Spanish food, all the action happens near Cordoba, in the Andalusia town Baena. The event starts after the 20th November, usually lasting three days, the oil from this area is considered some of the best in the world. So prepare yourself for nice meals and snack, all the town will have delicious aroma all over the town. Specially for this reasons, the local producers present all the varieties of the typical oil and enter the contest, which awards the best oil of all, it has become a part of the national program.

Food and wine markets will be held in the town, along with cookery classes, tastings and live music, what van be better than this, so if you are going to be in Spain between 22nd and 28th November, step into the Olive festival! There is even an museum in the Baena town, called Museo del Olivar y el Aceite, if you would like to know more about this delicious product.

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