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Malolo Island blue water

Ocean Swim in Fiji

When Europe is getting cooler, the leafs start to fall and autumn change positions with winter, there is just one place where we want to be, somewhere warm...Mana island in Fuji would warm you up...there is something that this amazing island celebrates every year, Fiji Ocean Swim, with bobbing yellow swimming hats, the Malolo Lailai gets all coloured by all the enthusiasts with the yellow head cover. This three days ocean competition combines social functions with swimming over 500 meters for the youngest swimmers ,1 km and 3 km for the strongest ones.

Mana Island is a perfect place for this beautiful event, nowhere is more beautiful , more clear water with pristine reefs , and countless colourful, tropical fish and coral, against the blue ocean...looking a bit scary, as undiscovered...but amazingly beautiful. This competition gives a great chance to all great swimmers to win a free place in the Fiji Ocean Swim Festival at Malololailai Island. There are many tourist resorts all around the island, so also very pleasant holiday place for the swimmers and their families, many hotels, bars and great restaurants offering delicious sea food.

And don't worry, if you re worried about the safety, it's the best place in Fiji for an ocean swim, the position and orientation of Mana Island ,the pretty water will guarantee you a pleasant and safe swim, there's a 70 metre reef before a drop-off, even in the worst of weather conditions. If you don't like the competition it's totally okay, there will be so many other attraction to try your feet on, like diving in the beautiful clear water, reading book under the coconut palms and just enjoy the sweet warm beaut around you.

City: Nadi
Country: Fiji
By: By Flickr
Published on 29-Ott-2012
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