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The holy city

Spiritual center, Jerusalem

You wonder, which is the spiritual centre of the world? All know , it's Jerusalem with no doubt, it's not only about the holy places and biblical sights, Jerusalem is the biggest city in Israel and also capital of the beautiful country lying next to the Dead Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Famous for the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem is carved in three very important areas, Arab East, West and the Old city. By the way, don't think its all ancient in the city, the West and East Jerusalem is very modern part of the city, and its economy has grown in past 50 year.

You won't believe how actually amazing Jerusalem is, being holy city for world's three most important religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and not only this, which is already something, imagine that it carries a great history on its shoulders, during which it has been home to people of many nationalities and faiths.

Jerusalem is number one in many TOP Cities, definitely for being home to the holy places, also being leader in education and health care, which of course comes together with religion. For this and many other reasons, Israel's tourism has grown, ignoring many wars in between the countries...

True, that most of the tourists are elder people, willing to heal health problems or any others, believing that the holy city will help them, and the truth is, it does help, there are many sceptical opinions about that, but also many proves that it did help, as long as you believe in it.

Jerusalem has it all, something for the youngsters who are looking for a fun night out, and also for those ones, who look for a glimpse of the real Israel, they all will find it, Jerusalem mixes old charm with very modern night life that you wouldn't believe until you see it with your own eyes. Go and get your very own opinion about the holly city.

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