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Chocolate Festival in San Francisco

Chocolate Pizza, brownies and cheescake

What could be that little thing, that would cheer you up in time when the happiness seems to be the hardest feeling to get? It's proved that chocolate has the power that eating it, we earn some happiness, even if it's for a little while, after we start to worry about the calories...there is some festival that will make your heart get warmer.

The Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival in San Francisco is a chocolate lover's dream. Even this kind of festival is known in many countries and cities, anyone can make it's own chocolate festival, will be easy, all you need is towns best chocolate makers and eaters :) The highlight is undoubtedly the "Earthquake" Sundae-Eating Contest, where the winner takes home his or her weight in Ghirardelli chocolate.

But as it's in America, there wont be pure chocolate like its in Switzerland or Italian chocolate festivals, there will be everything, from chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies and chocolate cheesecake to chocolate pizza, tiramisu, chocolate fudge cake, truffles and chocolate pasta desserts. There will be plenty of samples, so you and your kids can taste them, but that's not it yet, the kids will be able to try their hand at decorating cookies

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