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If you're thinking of visiting the historic and enchanting city of Jerusalem then be sure to book your stay at Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. The hostel has rooms for everyone from those looking for the solitude of a private to those who are looking for a budget-friendly dorm room. Unlike the horror stories you may have heard about other hostels, Abraham Hostel Jerusalem offers all the comforts of home with plenty of extras including a free breakfast, wireless internet, a complimentary walking tour with Abraham tours of the old city and a friendly and devoted staff ready to serve you. Located in the center of the city, Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is the perfect place to stay in order to be a part of the nightlife and see all the attractions the city has to offer.

You may be apprehensive about the term “hostel”, but Abraham Hostel Jerusalem has more to offer than other accommodation options in Jerusalem. For example, a hotel may be appealing because it offers private rooms and a continental breakfast. Abraham Hostel also offers these things but at a lower price with staff that’s always ready to answer your questions.

Alternatively, you could choose to rent an apartment for your accommodation in Jerusalem, but many people discover that apartments can be rather alienating. By staying in a hostel, even if you choose a private room, you’ll still be able to meet people from all over the world who are happy to get to know you, swap travel tips and maybe even do some sightseeing with you one day.

Lastly, there are a few bed and breakfasts in Jerusalem. Most of these are run from small homes where you will only be offered assistance during just a few hours in the morning. In a city as unique as Jerusalem, you’ll want to have a knowledgeable local staff on hand at your place of accommodation to answer questions throughout the day. By staying at Abraham Hostel Jerusalem, you’ll get accommodation that offers the best of all worlds in a safe location.

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