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Lisbon in Portugal

Legendary city

Lisbon is one of those few capitals that you love immediately, located in the Continental Europe, being popular for its mosaic of terracotta roofed buildings, standing still and proud right to its seven hills.

The interesting thing about this city is,that Lisbon is a very modern 21st century capital, but still giving you impression of provincial type town, retaining a foot in the past, little markets all around the capital with women dressed in traditional outfits, people making cosy chaos all mixed up in the bars and cafes from all walks of life.

Back in 1147 Portugal's capital conquested from the Moors, since than Lisbon is considered as a legendary city with more than 20 Centuries of history, taking a very inportant place in the world and making itself a very interesting spot for tourists.

There are many quarters in Lisbon, making cities character, one of the oldest is Alfama, famous for surviving earthquake in 1755 and still holding to its original layout, two other important ones are Castelo and Mouraria, and every year in June all the three quarters meet and become alive to celebrate the Feasts in honor of the popular saints.

Lisbon is also the biggest city in Portugal, this medieval charm offers bunch of great attractions for the visitors, many of them get to Lisbon to feel a glimpse of time when kings were sending their voyagers to discover the rest of the world.

You will live in all of it, from architectural gems, as the Torre de Belem and the Jerónimos Monastery, to majestic monuments,like the Padrão dos Descobrimentos or the Monument to the Discoveries, and many spots of art, traditions and culture, and of course countless festivals and events.

The city has a very welcoming and friendly inhabitants, helping you discover their city and monuments, telling you stories and sharing experience, religious and mostly very simple. The greetings are very important in there, a handshake come with a very direct and deep eye-contact, once you there are personal relationship involved, the greetings becoming more personal, for a men it is greeting with a hug and a handshake, for women, kissing each other twice on the cheek starting with the right.

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