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It's a city where everything is in between, it might sound a chlichè but ..relaxing and seeping cocktails right in the front of the azure sea... Côte d’Azur’s capoital does it all and more. You can do anything, living any dream, only if you truly believe it. But the beautiful French city has so much more to offer than happy moments in the sun, so many must see museums, Archaeological buffs ruminate over the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Cemenelum. The city is so romantic, with its flowers and colorful markets, where you can buy so many antiques.

Anyone in this city is a winner, so many festivals, where young people go, so many gastronomes going gaga, all type of places from simple finely prepared food to chick French family cuisine, you will open your taste spots and will want more, and of course for all kind of cultural monuments and museums, the city is wealthy and overwhelmed.

It's considered to be France most iconic destinations and home to great historical sight, rich of traditions and very friendly people. Even if you never been in the Nice, you will notice stright away how fascinating and fun Nice really is. Doesn't matter what are you searching for, just a great night out and partying in the city or looking for a glimpse of the reall old France, you will definitely find both, Nice mixes es old world charm with a modern and vibrant night life.

The coastline of Nice is full of tourist attractions, even if around the city are other Côte d'Azur towns, including Provençal villages, which are full of character. The summers are perfect there, so many tourists going to spend their holidays in Nice, some older ones, coming to Nice in wintertime ,when the climate is mild. Getting around Nice has been made easier since the introduction of an efficient tram system. By the way last year 2010 was 150th anniversary being part of France. Congrats!

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