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Rome Christmas sale

January 5th the Sale have start

Yes, we know that Christmas is past already, but let's be honest most of us, at least women, are waiting for sales already. It's a time in the year, when we are ready for a change, when all the celebrations calm down, and we feel a bit empty inside, even if it's a whole new start, we do feel sad a little mountains to climb, new things to start, because in some point all of us have our own new goals! So there is nothing better, that cheer ourselves up with some shopping, even we know that most of the money we have spend by buying presents and partying, there is this little hope, that says I will get it all in a friendly price, even if after we spend more than in average shopping day.

In Country where the fashion is very appreciated, and is full of brands and names, it might be very welcoming. Like Italy, Rome, the sign Made In Italy is very attracted also to tourists, everyone knows where are the best shoes, bags and belts...Hundreds of eager shoppers will line up and “box”outside the stores in the hope of finding the ultimate bargain. All the big-name fashion designers can be found in the Quadrilatero, close to Spanish Steps in Via Condotti, Via Frattina and Via del Babuino. If you prefer equally elegant shops, on a smaller scale, head for Via del Governo Vecchio and surroundings amongst the most fashionable shopping streets in Rome.

Every year like a tradition, it starts at 5nd of January, too bed for reall Italian shoppers, because most of them are out of the city on this time, skiing or traveling until Befana Festa, 6th of mostly you would see Russia, Japan and the Middle East bargaining in the most expensive areas. Hundrend of places to go, hundreds of things to choose, enjoy your Roman holidays in January!

Sales are strictly regulated by art. 15 of Legislative Decree no. 114 of 1998. Each Regions then rule precise “authorized dates” and length thereof. Sales can only take place between the authorized dates. Each of item shall provide for both the original and discounted price as well as for the discount percentage. The only thing is, even if it's crowdy, be careful, try it on, because the sale stuff in not able to be changed or refunded. You will see maddness on the streets, Via Del Corso will be packed with people, you wont be able to move, do not take kids with you, you will turn their day into a hell :))Count down for traditional winter sales in Rome! Soon the most awaited event of the year will start!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: M&J Place Hostel Rome
Published on 06-Gen-2012
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