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Simple and sensational

Bangkok, city that never sleeps

Simple and sensational, those would be words that could describe's Thailand's fascinating capital city, being also the cultural and commercial center. It presents residents and visitors, young and old, calm and crazy, there is everything for every taste! Whatever you prefer partying all night long, sleeping all day and get out for few hours disappear in the Chinatown happily shopping and restart all over again, or enjoy monuments of the beautiful city, theaters and operas and good food...enough for any kind of entertainment.

Bangkok is considered to be one of the best places in the world, the city that never sleeps, famous for its savor life, shopping, dinning, partying, drinking, enjoying. And the best time to enjoy all that and more is Thai New Year or Songkran, imagine the capital shutting down for three days to celebrate, with water-throwing and fun parties, with Khao San Road at its epicenter.

From fabulous sales and spectacular stage productions to colorful temple fairs, sumptuous food festivals and bizarre art installations, something peculiar goes on every day. Let our calendar guide you to the highlights of Bangkok's exciting comings and goings. There are other festivals maybe less important, but no less impressive, the Trooping of Colours, Rama VIII Traditional Long Boat Races and the Golden Mount Fair.

It's so true what they say about Bangkok's reputation, the hot spot in Southeast Asia, the city of Angels...with funky markets, many fabulous sights and attractions with a very unique heritage and so much more. The city is so modern with its underground systems and skytrain, which covers a huge area in the city, that saves so much traffic and chaos. So deep breathe, be open for its beauty and no traffic jams!

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