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Surin Elephant Round

Employed in war and labor

In century, where the cars, metros, trams and many more transports are self-evident, and we can not even imagine a life without these transports, somewhere else in the global all these things are brand new world, and more like extras than a lifestyle...for example Surin. Its a big province in the Lower Northeast of Thailand, very well known for its elephants, which are giant and they impress everyone with its loveliness and cleverness.

Their relationship is very special from the very beginning, their relationship is long with the elephants who have become an icon nowadays. Surin inhabitants were renowned for their ability to catch and train elephants, they employed in war and also in labor. They always been very important in Thai history, they had even graced the national flag during the reign of King Rama II.

So from the 19th until the 20th November there is a competition the Surin Elephant Round up show has been held every year since 1960. The show nowadays is internationally recognized, including competitions by their talent, demonstration of different techniques used to capture and train elephants, a presentation of ancient elephant warfare techniques, and their relationship between men and elephant. This event is so much fun for every age , young or old, you will definitely enjoy it.

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