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Antalya top destination in Turkey

Heaven on earth

Antalya is one of the top destinations in Turkey, popular for it sandy beaches and the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. During the summers, Antalya's beaches are full of tourists, because often their perfect destination is Turkey. It attracts millions of people with its great beaches, beautiful nature and rich history. In Antalya you will find anything you might need, hotels, beaches, shops, photos, transportation, archeological sites and much more.

Very enjoyable are the snow remains on the top of Toros and Bay mountains during the summers, from where you can jump straight into the warm Mediterranean waters. Antalya has particular and diverse landscape, from Taurus Mountain to the Davras resort. The temperature during the Summer is high and dry, although rest of the year it's more warm and rainy. The city has its own charm, with many gods statues and goddesses, theaters, temples and churches.

It's a place,where is the most beautiful and clearest coast along the Mediterranean, where the sun, nature and history makes a perfect harmony together. Mythological city, which was a home for Gods and Goddesses, now exhibits all the secrets and marvels to us!

The land of all tribes, that's the meaning of Pamphylia, which is the name in ancient times for Antalya. During the centuries, the city has witnessed many successive civilizations. Back in the first century, the Pergamum king ordered his men to find the most beautiful piece on the earth, which he called “ heaven on earth”...they searched all over the planet, and than they discovered this land, and they said: “ This must be the heaven” . King gave the city a name Attaleia, since than each country kept an eye on the city.

City: Antalya
Country: Turkey
Published on 21-Ott-2011
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