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Oldest gold founded!

Varna in Bulgaria

The oldest gold ever founded in Europe come from Varna, a city in Bulgaria. According to the experts, the oldest gold treasure in the world was found in 1972, gold from 4,500BC. Weighting 6kg all together, nearly 300 tombs and 3,010 golden objects found in Varna. Varna's origins back to 5000years ago, Greeks founded a colony there and made the town to become a port. As it's a port and also shipyard, Varna is a very visited city by tourists from all over the world.

Nowadays Varna has become the largest city on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, and plays the main role for naval and commercial shipping. The city is also hosting countless International events. The Bay of Varna is more than 11 kilometers long and it's surrounded by gardens and beautiful vineyards.

Varan has a convenient and very well conserved water area, it's special for the charming Black Sea, which is situated right at the end of the big Varna Bay . You can fully enjoy the sunbathing 11 hours, there is nothing from Baltic winds or summer Riviera heat, it's just nice! And the Sea is just perfectly clean, calming and amazing. Varna is near by the great cities like Sofia and Plovdiv, which offer a lot of cultural and art, you can enjoy its historical buildings and many museums!

Town's lifestyle and culture is combined from the Thracian and Hellenic traditions, and it was totally transformed into an important cultural center by the Millet colonizers. There is no wonder that today Varna is announced to be the capital of Bulgaria, with its old and amazing thousand years old history, with all the archeological remains of epochs and civilizations, making Varna a town with a soul.

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