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White Isle Ibiza

Closing Season Party

Have you ever been to Ibiza? The island of never ending parties, well, have to tell you that the parties will have their final on September, as its on from May being Europe's party Capital, and its sad for all clubbers.

In fact many party animals are going only to closing season. The reason is that, once the season winds down, the clubs go much more further to extract final party, which is never one night long, instead there are series of closing. It so much special for the clubbers, going around the clubs,knowing that they all are “ fighting” for the Best Club's name, so throwing parties, drinks, dances, spectacular shows and much more.

Any time during the Summer is spectacular to go to the White Isle. Usuali one week is totally enough to get partying, if you think you could hold more, I dont think so, even the hardest dancers just can not take it, you want or not, you are in moood or not, you HAVE to party non stop, that's the reason why are you there right? So imagine, partying seven night with all the clubs, bars, new people you meet everywhere, from beach parties to boat parties to super clubs,and sleeping on the beache all day long, just to recharge your battery for the next adventure.

Still sound like you can take more? Well the final closing would be the real end. While all week you have spend partying,hard dancing and having a great time with your very best friends, the Saturday comes, the day when you have to wind-down, get some tun and enjoy your last sunset in Ibiza. Pack your bags and say goodbye to Hard Dance Ibiza ! See you next season!

City: Ibiza
Country: Spain
By: By ST33VO Flickr
Published on 06-Ago-2011
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