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International competition “New Wave”

Bohemia - to the Baltic coast.

The famous International competition “New Wave”, young singers of popular music is going to start in few days. From 26 th of July until 31 st of July Baltic sea beach Jurmala in Latvia will be full of new talents and old famous artists.

Its an annual international music contest, the pearl of Baltic resorts. It was founded by Latvian pianist Raimonds Pauls and by Russian composer Igor Krutoy, after a little while the famous Russian superstar Alla Pugachova joined the project “New Wave” .

The main idea was to create a brand new, different from all the other contests in Russia and CIS countries, so to organize a competition to promote new singers from all over Europe. So it has become a significant event in Europe for several years.

It started for the first time successfully back in 2002, when audience and musicians agreed that this was such a contest -necessary for all the countries searching for new talents. Every year over 800 people are organizing this amazing event, many trailer tracks and equipment come to Jurmala for the contest days. Already at the beginning of July Riga's airport is fully packed with journalists, because all the Russian stars are coming to relax on the beach before the “New Wave”.

There is a huge interest of millions of TV viewers supporting the contestants. Also the the concert programs confirm the fact that “New Wave” has become a long-avaited annual European Festival. An event like this helps to find new talents from all over the world.

There is a huge 15 finalist competition going, but still the main thing is a number of many VIP guests like Cutugno, Lou Bega, A.Pugacheva, F.Kirkorov and many other, also Latvia's President usually takes a place in audience, millionaires and famous face are all there partying and throwing their money in Jurmala best hotels, spas and other treatments. That's all in one week contest in “Dzintari” concert hall.

But that's all for something, the prize fund of the contest rose up to 100 000 $ . The winner takes 50,000, second place 30,000$ and third 20,000$ . The Trophy was specially made by famous Russian honored artist Vladimir Ivanovich Kasatkin. It features three rising waves of white crystal with black crystal pianoforte keys topping the crests of the waves.

This Trophy goes to first, second and third place winners. And of course if some of artists sees a talent in new artists they offer them contract and they become famous quickly. The special guests this year will be French chanson-hit-singers In-Grid and Patricia Kaas.

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