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National Cookie Day

9th of July

On July the 9th is National Cookie Day, it's a day to satisfy your sweet tooth. This holiday is for honoring and enjoying the sweet flavor of sugar cookies and sharing them with friends and family. You may choose to celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day by simply biting into a cookie at home, or you may wish to throw a sugar cookie party with friends or family members.

It's hard to track down any official information on the origins of National Sugar Cookie Day, but very often food holidays are created by someone close to product. But sugar cookies themselves have a historical background, the origins of the sweet treat dates back in 7th Century in Persia, along with the cultivation of sugar. As most of us know,the sugar cookies begun with the Nazareth cookie, created by German settlers in the Nazareth area in Pennsylvania.

It's not hard to understand why the sugar cookies have their own special day, almost everyone has had them, popular for young and old kids, sugar cookies don't last long around the house. Sugar cookies are right up there with chocolate chip cookies as America's favorite cookie. It's so easy to make them, you can spend a portion of the day baking those tasty cookies.

For Americans its a great opportunity to be together with their families making sugar treats together with kids, its so much fun for the,m, more the process to making them, than the tasteful result. Once you have make them, you will so how fast they will disappear, hurry up and taste them while they're still warm, melting in your mouth. Delicious!

Let this holiday remind you of fond memories of days gone by. Let today be the day you learn to decorate a sugar cookie in a new way, let your fantasy grow, letting also kids to express themselves.

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