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White Island Ibiza

Amazing destination

You know the best party place In the world? Sure, it's Ibiza, la Isla bianca, the most beautiful from the four Balearic islands, also the location is perfect, the closest to the mainland Spain.

The main city, and also the capital of Ibiza is Eivissa Vila, considered to be one of the oldest towns in Europe...also the third largest in Balearic Islands, founded by the Carthagians, and now has become an important town, later becoming the capital of the Pituses.

There are countless legends made out of this island, older people stick with those and truly believe , for youngsters is more like a fairy tails, and made up stories, but there is definitely some bit of true there. Ibiza is divided in five municipalities, and each of them have its own special charm.

Very well known as the best place for partying, amazing, that's the significant word , there is no one that haven't heard about it, at least most of the young people, but don't it's all about mad partying and drunk tourists, there are few bars where you can have a nice drink beside the have a calm talk with your friends, without loud music. Nowadays there are many older couples visiting island, in fact there are many hotels and fancy bars offering the best tranquil entertainment!

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