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It's fund-raising charity event in Riga, organized by Latvia's Blonde Association. Blonde beauties in the Baltic state of Latvia held their first annual Go Blonde in 2009
the festival in an attempts to 'make the world a brighter place' . It started as a one-time stunt but was brought back by popular demand. Organizers at Latvian Blondes Association were so pleased that they are set to make the parade an annual event. As said organizers of event there were 35 teams with 10-20 blond girls from whole Latvia last year. The organization is a Latvian branch of an international movement.

Even if the aim was charity for children - to build playgrounds for children with special needs - blond girls wanted to show, that they are smart enough too. With this event girls wanted also show that Riga is attractive tourism city and hope that tourism will break decreasing economy of Latvia. The Golden girls dressed in white and pink strolled the streets of the capital city on a mission to bring a smile Oyun İndir to everyone one in the time when economical crisis are everywhere. The association expects to turn this project into an international tourism event which will attract people to visit the country.Such a great idea to cheer up nation during the crisis. The Weekend of blondes includes a Sport day with tennis and golf tournaments, fashion day and of course Blond parade – full of positive energy, there are also nominations like 'Blonde – leader', 'Blonde – journalist', 'Blonde – Lawyer'. You can also enjoy a Marilyn Monroe lookalike contest, a Blonde Diva Concert, and a Pink Party.

And if a crowd of blindingly beautiful attendees weren't enough, with no doubts you enjoy the hoot and holler of a parade, a retro car tour, a contest for best in show and a host of other fun-filled activities. The association of Blondes wants to put it on the international travel map, its big enough to some members to get a "Go Blonde" credit cards.

It's held every year on last weekend of May, one of the most positive festivals in Riga featuring gorgeous clothes, natural smiles and Latvia's most beautiful blondes. It's not just about the hair color, it does not matter whether hair is naturally blond or dyed - every blonde, every women is special! It presents more than a parade of more than 2,000 participants and their fans. So dress pink and we will meet on 28th of may 2011 in Riga!

Photo of European Capital of Culture, Riga

European Capital of Culture

Riga, Force Majeure, by staff

Today, 17th of January 2014 Riga becomes the European Capital of Culture, this title is one of the most successful and high-profile cultural initiatives of the European Union. All the cities are selec... EVENTS in Riga, Latvia [ Book Hostels in Riga ]

Photo of Riga, pearl of the Baltic States , Riga

Riga, pearl of the Baltic States

Unique lavish beauty and timeless elegance, by staff

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Photo of Go Blonde Riga, Blondes will shake the world!, Riga

Go Blonde Riga, Blondes will shake the world!

Charity with humour, Jurmala Beach , by staff

When back in 2009 one of the Baltic capitals Riga was in economic crises, blond girls saved the country fulfilled with tourists attracting them with great blond parade trough the beautiful capital. Al... EVENTS in Riga, Latvia [ Book Hostels in Riga ]

Photo of Black heads house , Riga

Black heads house

Old Riga, by staff

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Photo of Go Blonde Riga , Riga

Go Blonde Riga

Biggest Blonde Charity Parade, by staff

When back in 2009 Latvian economy was in crisis, it seemed that nothing can help, Latvian Blonde Association entered, led by former Mrs. Universe Marika Gederte, who decided to do something about it,... EVENTS in Riga, Latvia [ Book Hostels in Riga ]

Photo of Castle of the Lights, Riga

Castle of the Lights

Symbol of Latvias freedom, by staff

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Photo of 2011 Festivals and Events in Riga, Riga

2011 Festivals and Events in Riga

March is the time for Berimors..., by staff

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