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Cherry Blossoms in D.C.

Magnificent monuments and buildings

Washington D.C., the capital of the United States and international head-quarters, is a city with a wealth of museums, modern architecture, and prestigious historical monuments. It was Pierre l'Enfant, an engineer of French origins, who drew the city's layout in 1791, inspired by European cities such as Versailles. Today, unlike most other major North-American cities, D.C.'s horizon isn't drastically altered by colossal skyscrapers, but rather is soften by thousands of trees planted in the early 20th century. Discover it, visit the classic sites, like the Smithsonian museums and the Lincoln Memorial, and explore the interactive settings of the National Crime & Punishment museum, the International Spy museum, and the Newseum, a museum on the history of the Media and journalism.

There's lots to see in D.C. and most of the attractions are free. The National Mall is home to many monuments, commemorative buildings, and museums - and is where one reflects on the history of the United States. The magnificent monuments and buildings are open 24 hours a day: visit them at night or at dawn, when they are illuninated, for a magical experience. Various tours, by foot, by bike, or by segway - some of which are nocturnal - offer different ways of discovering the city's jewels.

The Capitol (the headquarters of the United States Congress), the White House, the Supreme Court and official buildings such as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing - where dollar bills are printed - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), are just some of the most intriguing attractions. In the springtime, cruising through the parks with the cherry trees blossoming is a real treat.

Through U street with its Jazz bars and fashionable cafés, K/14th Street - the financial district, which at night is transformed by its sophisticated night clubs, and Georgetown's clubs on the edge of the water; Washington's night life is as diverse as the city itself.

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