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Montevideo is a place of unique character, a rich culture is astonishing diversity.
Owing to its position as the capital of Uruguay, it is one of the major South-American cities, and has a substantial population of roughly 1,400,000.

It was founded in 1724 as a strategic fortress, and then became a defense bastion against Spanish and Portugese attacks.

The city used to be populated by inhabitants of the Canary Islands and immigrant families from Buenos Aires. Today it has become a well developed city with a high standard of living, thanks to its location – right in the middle of one of South America's coastal bays – and its geological wealth.

The city consists of different parts, wchich all have their own identity, from the industrial port to its residential suburb, Carrasco, close to the airport. The historical centre or downtown is a vibrant, lively place where different architectural styles converse to make an extra-ordinary mix of art-deco, neoclassical and weathered buildings.

Montevideo has lots of sightseeing to offer, among which the Ciudad Vieja (“Old Town”) in its entirety, the Palacio Salvo – one of the highest towers on the southern continent -, the Mausoleo de Artigas which dominates the Plaza de Indipendencia, and the Mercado del Puerto are must-sees.

Several museums can be found in the city, such as the Museo Torres Garcia, the National History Museum, and the Fortaleza General Garcias which houses a fascinating collection of armoury.

You can enjoy typical meals of all sorts, ranging from the country's renouned meats, Chivitas (the local sandwich), and Dulce de Leche, which is served and can be found anywhere.

Cafés, restaurants, and accomodation in hotels can be found easily and for very good prices.

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