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HBC Hostel

The NEWest Hostel in Budapest

HBC Hostel puts hospitality first!

A newly established hostel, HBC Hostel is the best new choice in Budapest, run by the Croatian Business Centre � a group of experienced professionals. Stay in a great central location, with an ever better price.

At HBC Hostel, we offer the following services:

+ 24 hour reception � no curfew or lock out

+ multilingual, friendly and well-informed staff. All the information you need!

+ free contintental breakfast

+ laundry facilities

+ internet access

+ kitchen

+ airport/train/bus transfer

+ free luggage storage, even after check out

+ nearby ATM

+ great location near Budapest�s nightlife

+ currency exchange

HBC Hostel is a part of the Croatian Business Centre (HBC), where you can find not only HBC Hostel, but also an exchange service, the Croatian Tourist Agency, and a great restaurant, Mare Craoticum.

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